24k Gold Reels Jackpot

24k Gold Reels Jackpot

Air Dice has released ‘n dice slots version of the now very popular dice game 24K Jackpot. Just as the dice game this 24kK Gold Reels has three jackpots, the largest jackpot – the Grand Jackpot – can amount to over 10 thousand euro! You can use these dice slot games at include Golden Palace, where you as a new player gets a free bonus without deposit of € 5.

€ 5 free money means that you can run free in any case ten times 24K Gold Reels Jackpot, as the minimum bet per spin is € 0.50. This bet can ramp up to € 25 per spin, which is also the statutory maximum for this type of slot machine. In total, these dice final ten win lines and you always play with all ten win lines. The number of win lines you can not define. That’s no problem, because the chances of winning at dice slots are greatest if you play with all the possible win lines

24K Gold Reels Jackpot:. Scatter symbols

It takes at Finally, all these dice to hit the jackpot, of course. This jackpot can be won in the bonus game of the dice slot. This bonus game – Gold Wheel Bonus Game called – you unlock by getting at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The scatter symbol is easy to recognize. This scatter symbol is a golden die (dice) with the inscription 24.

In three of these scatter symbols, you play the Gold Wheel Bonus Game free. In four scatter symbols you get a mystery game in addition to the bonus game in and five scatter symbols you get even 6 mystery games at

24K Gold Reels Jackpot:. Gold Wheel Bonus Game

During the Gold Wheel Bonus Game turn into some kind of wheel of fortune, a wheel of fortune as the Americans call the commission. This wheel is made up of 16 different compartments. The principle is simple: you give one spin the wheel and win the price written on the box in which it fell stops

The jackpot win is pretty spicy.. There is one box for each of the three jackpots, there is one box with one mystery game and the remaining 12 boxes contain a price in euros. Also fine, but of course it’s all about the Grand Jackpot of this slot machine containing many thousands or even more than ten thousand euros!

You’re already win this jackpot with one bet of € 0.50 . The amount of your bet is has no effect on the level of the jackpot. It is true that you have a greater chance that the jackpot is when you play with one higher stakes. That is, moreover, common when playing on slot machines with progressive jackpots.

 24K Gold Reels

24K Gold Reels Jackpot: Mystery Play

Mystery Games you can win during the Gold Wheel Bonus game or by collecting 4 or 5 scatter symbols during the regular base game reels 24K Gold Jackpot.

the idea behind a Mystery game is simple. It’s all or nothing. You win in a mystery game every winning combination, the maximum price possible on the slot machine. The maximum win on this slot machine – except for the jackpot – 100 times the bet per spin. If you during one mystery game so ‘is one winning combination – and then it does not matter which combination – you win anyway € 100 you form a winning combination, you’re out of luck and you win nothing

24K Gold Reels Jackpot: what you can win even more

Apart from the scatter symbol, there are 10 different symbols you can afford a price. The least deliver the dices with 1, 2 or 3 eyes, though even these symbols interesting, because five times an identical dice on one of the 10 win lines, you still delivers up to 60 times the bet per winning line, or six times the total bet.

the dices with four or five make eyes in the case of five dices on a win line 80 times the bet per line or win 8 times the total bet on. The dice with six eyes you deliver 200 times the bet per line to win or 20 times your total bet.

Then there are also two dices with Asian characters. They deliver up to 600 times the bet per line Win or 60 times the total bet when you have five in a row on one of the paylines 24K Gold Reels. The most valuable symbol is the green dice showing one Buddhist character. Five of these symbols deliver you with a bet of € 1 (€ 0.10 per winning line) as much as € 100 on.

The Wild symbol can help you form winning combinations. The Wild symbol namely serves as a wildcard for any other symbol. The hat Joker is also on the dice, so this symbol is easily recognizable as a Wild symbol

. Keep playing 24k gold reels

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