Amsterdam online casino launches mobile casino

Amsterdam online casino launches mobile casino

First traditional Dutch online casino with complete mobile casino supports iPhone

 launches a new mobile casino, so you can bet on the iphone or ipad

Suppose you are good throughout the summer at the camp. It’s really nice of course, but what if the weather is less or evening when the kids are in bed? Good news if you bring a smartphone or tablet because you can now also mobile gamble at Amsterdam’s casino.

Times change, even in the Dutch online casino market. So could a few years ago only to be played in a download casino, today you can all casinos just play in your browser. More and more people have a smartphone with Internet and want sometimes venture mobile gamble. Amsterdams Casino is the first traditional Dutch Internet casino that this trend plays and launched a mobile casino.

The mobile casino of Amsterdam’s casino will start automatically when you visit the site with a mobile device . The software is compatible with all mobile devices and does not use flash so that you are with the iPad and iPhone can gamble online for real money.

At the launch of the mobile online casino immediately added a lot of nice games. So you will find a large number of video slots and roulette.

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Given the great popularity of mobile gaming is also expected that regularly new slot machines and table games will be added so that you will not get bored quickly touch on the mobile casino Amsterdam

whether you are in the mobile or regular casino play, you will always receive the generous welcome bonus of 222 euros on your first deposit when you register

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