Amsterdams Casino to try out new games?

Amsterdams Casino to try out new games?

 when Pigs Fly logo It never stops at Amsterdams Casino and also the latest games from NetEnt to play here. Since Football: Champions Cup was added to the range further increased to the range of Amsterdam Casino. So you can now find the NetEnt video slots Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune, NRNVA and the latest addition When Pigs Fly! All these games are created by the same developer so you can rely on a high degree of quality when you play these games. Not only do they all look beautiful in their own way, they also all have unique soundtracks and smooth animations. In addition, all games have their own theme with bonus games that take place in this theme. So Theme Park has several carnival games you can play for extra profits!

All three games work as always with a number of roles and different rows. The goal is always to try to get three or more identical symbols on a ‘payline’, from left to right. A payline is a straight line at, for example, is horizontal, but can also first move downwards and then upwards, or to make a jump from top to bottom. If there are three (or more) identical symbols to get such a payline, starting from the far left, the player gets points. These points are worth a certain amount, depending on the application to run. The higher the stakes at Amsterdams Casino, the higher also the profits.

NetEnt games are known to have an extremely high theoretical chance of winning. So Theme Park at Amsterdams Casino odds of 96.52%, 96.60% and NRVNA one of When Pigs Fly even 97%! Keep in mind that this is a theoretical chance of winning and not guaranteed. It does mean that you can assume that you can play a great time with your money wagered at Amsterdams Casino. All games to make use RNG (Random Number Generator) that every spin is completely random. It is so random that NetEnt itself can not predict what the next spin will do!

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