Casino Video Slot: Starburst

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the famous software broker of online casinos: NetEnt presented a now very popular video slot in August 2013: Starburst. At first sight, this video slot does not seem great. Until the moment you start playing, then you are not starting to save. You see on the reels are arcade-like symbols that are animated very limited. Of course this seems nothing until the moment the “Starburst” symbol is displayed. This symbol is the Wild symbol and will equally fill the entire reel (expanding wild).

The Starburst Video Slot is of course no coincidence one of the more famous video slots from the Internet. Besides Qonzo’s Quest and Starburst Scarface is also very popular with the Dutch gokliefhebbers. When you start you will see playing this fantastic video slot why this video slot is so popular. In this video slot, you can pre-select your coin value with the “coin size” button. In addition, this video slot also has an auto-play feature. So you do not need to click each site and will not lame finger. You can also specify the pre-auto-play the number of automatic spins. The auto-play will stop at the specified number

Rules & paylines Starburst

Starburst Wild Symbol

Starburst Wild Symbol

Natural hanging there is no real ground rules on a video slot. It is also another very simple to get the Starburst video slot below the knee. This video slot has language into ten paylines. The correct symbols to get another win. Logical. It is logical that some symbols are worth more than others. The Starburst Wilds (see left) contribute to the popularity of these video slot. When these stars all the same cover the entire reel and count for each symbol. In addition, once you get a free spin out of which remain the Wild Stars

. Play Starburst Video Slot at:
 Play at Shamrock Casino  Play at Crown Casino  Play at Casino Polder

play free Starburst video slot
The video slot Starburst is like in any online casino also to play with us for free (as you see above might already seen). This is obviously a big advantage over a land-based casino where you always need money stabbing in a slot machine or video slot to try it once. Online Casinos offer the opportunity to try out the video slot or slot free and so is the Starburst Video Slot. If you have, you can choose to master the Starburst video slot to play for real money. This video slot is payable at Klaver Casino Polder Casino and Crown Casino with PayPal, Credit Card and Paypal. You can choose your casino by clicking on one of the logos below the game window of the video slot above.

Jackpot Starburst video slot
This Starburst video slot you can use a jackpot win of 50,000 coins. This means when a coin value of € 1, – set, you therefore € 50,000, – can win. On this jackpot you could win if you get 5 bar symbols with a maximum bet and if you get another 5 barsymbolen thanks to a free re-spin.

Watch the video Starburst

Play Starburst video slot at :
 Play at Shamrock Casino  Play at Crown Casino Play at Casino Polder

Amsterdams Casino’s live tables: play with real croupiers!

Amsterdams Casino offers not only all kinds of classic gambling games also live tables. The idea is simple: just like in the casinos that are on land are you here have gaming tables including blackjack, roulette and baccarat. It can join and play with real croupiers and even make a pleasant chat with them and your fellow players on the live chat. Despite the fact that you hang on the sofa in your Sunday outfit, you imagine yourself as like in a real casino.

The croupiers have a camera focused. So you can well follow what happens during the game. Both the image and sound are of the highest quality, so long as you have a speedy Internet connection you can without delay take part in live games. Numerous croupiers were once a model, so other than a gambler’s paradise is the live casino Amsterdams Casino also a feast for the eyes.

The main advantage of live online casino is obvious. You do not physically move to the casino, you can play anytime, anywhere. There is no curfew, and you just need an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet or even a simple smartphone. Moreover, the other players and croupiers can damn how you run it. Unshaven and unkempt, without makeup or in your pajamas? Always welcome at Amsterdams Casino!

Discover why the live casino is so popular.

Part of the success of the live casino is exactly that you can play in privacy without prying eyes or just surrounded by friends – the area entirely up to you, and yet you get the feeling that you’re playing in a real casino. You can still communicate with other players thanks to chat feature and depending on how big your screen, as if the croupier looks lifelike sitting in your living room – albeit slightly shrunken, unless you use the projector. Amsterdams Casino

Latest video slot Football: Champions Cup at Amsterdams Casino

FCC Today we launched the latest game from NetEnt and of course, this game can not stay away from offering the assortment Amsterdam Casino. Football: Champions Cup is based on the European Football Championship to be held in France this year and begins on June 10. In this game you find yourself in a truly European football tournament. You can choose the country for which you want to come and thus participate in the tournament. The tournament starts as soon as the free spins are triggered. A bonus round gives you penalty`s on. While playing you’ll be constantly encouraged by the cheering audience, as it is also going on in a real tournament

Football:. Champions Cup has 3 rows, 5 reels and 20 bet lines which are all deployed automatically. You can choose from 10 game levels and coin values ​​of € 0.01 t / m € 0.50. This game also has a paytable, the button where `i` is on the lower left corner in the game, you can see exactly which ones yield a profit and how much that will be. There are two bonuses to achieve, namely; free spins which are activated by the appearance of three Scatter symbols and a bonus round that is triggered when three bonus symbols appear in the game.

This game is definitely worth trying out! Even if you are not a football fan, the enthusiasm is that this game has been established, very contagious. And where can you test this better than in Amsterdam Casino? Precisely because at Amsterdams Casino you can first try the game for free before you have to bet real money. It’s obviously a lot more exciting to play with real money, not least because you great cash prizes you can win! It is safe here to deposit money using one of the many payment methods that are approved by the UK Gambling Commission

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Amsterdams Casino

Ajax favorite in Europe League match against Fenerbahce

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Etiquette and terminology of Craps

Playing in a real casino is different than playing online. Online you can sit and relax with a jogging pants legs on the table to play a game and try to win some money. In a land based casino you will be suitably dressed to appear under penalty of are not allowed in the casino.

Each game also has its own unwritten rules and terms. Similarly, the dice game craps. First we explain to you a number of unwritten rules of the game of Craps. Of course you do you are in a casino not to abide by these rules. You should however keep in mind that, particularly in American casinos you do not adhere to these rules will not be appreciated.

Craps etiquette

 online craps the use of currency exchange is done by your chips or money first to lay on the table. Sometimes people try to get the chips or money to switch directly to the dealer. If all is well, the croupier does not hold here. namely the croupiers are not rehctstreeks money or chips accepting players at the casino. That also applies to payments. So do not let your winnings on the table. Use it on the table leave your winnings, you indicate that you want to put more time into those profits.

Also the dice itself some rules. Only the stickman and the shooter may sit on the dice. The players who are not shooter, under no circumstances touch the dice in craps. The shooter must also throw the dice so hard that the dice in any case reach the other side of the table and bounces against the edge. A throw is invalid if the table dice bounces or lands on casino chips. It should be then rolled again. If the dice services remains tilted, then the throw is valid. The stickman may take a decision which number counts. The latter is a hypothetical situation and undoubtedly creates a lot of noise at the table.

Players are not allowed on the playing field with their hands. The idea behind this is that if a die touches the hand of a player, it brings misfortune and could affect the game.

Many terms used in craps

The terminology Craps is American English. You make some ropes, we have the most important terms to put you at a glance:

  • Boxman: This is an employee of the casino keeps an eye on things. The boxman IZT at the table below and in the middle of one side of the table
  • Come-out roll:. This is the first roll of a new shooter. Turns the shooter rolls his point number down
  • Crap Out:. This is throwing 2, 3 or 12 eyes during the come-out roll
  • Craps:. A pitch with the result 2, 3 or 12 eyes, not being the come-out roll
  • Do not pass line:. this is a bet that the casino has the advantage
  • Natural:. a come-out roll resulting in 7 or 11
  • Pass line:. a bet where the player has an advantage
  • Seven out:. a shooter who throws seven, but loses before he points has thrown a time
  • Shooter:. the player who rolls the dice
  • Stickman:. the croupier calling the outcome of the roll, is responsible for the deployment and the dice indicates the next shooter.

Where to play Craps?

You can play craps online at include Golden Palace. At Golden Palace Online Now € 5 free play credit to try out this online casino a try. At the first deposit you will get also a bonus of 200% up to € 500

. Play craps at Golden Palace

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NetEnt Casino Video Slot: Aloha Cluster Pays

Today NetEnt has again been announced a new video slot. The Aloha Cluster Pays Video Slot. This wonderful video slot from NetEnt will play March 22, 2016 in the online casinos you can find on Besides that we just Placing the movie we also want to give so much information as possible about this beautiful NetEnt video slot. As you probably already have seen in the picture above, you see that this video slot leaves a tropical impression. It is therefore not surprising that coming Aloha from Hawaii. But besides that you can only see symbols of the tropical island of Hawaii, the Aloha Cluster Pays has much more in store

Explanation NetEnt Casino Video Slot:. Aloha Cluster Pays

Of course, we go this article put some facts and figures of this stunning video slot for you here. When you start playing you will notice the Aloha Cluster Pays you will be taken in a tropical world of kokusnoten, tiki masks and other tropical symbols. This video slot has it that famous play environment and is basically the same as any other NetEnt video slots. So you can again decide your “coin value” and can again play at different levels. Also, you again see the autoplay button and the Max Bet button, allowing you to direct the maximum bet on this video slot.

Also in this video slot you will again find the Wild symbols, which are obviously different than in the other video slot for a tropical theme is used here. The wild symbols replace the symbols for the highest winning combination. You also have the tiki masks, in blue, red and green. These symbols can make you win free spins. Always fun to take! And of course you can also win stunning re-spins again in this video slot when you have a great combination, so earned a big win. This gets free again rotated the roles.

This video slot will play from 22 March, when Polder Casino, Casino & Clover Crown Casino. You can so this nice, beautiful and summery video slot games at your favorite online casino. We can not wait, can you? Let’s just enjoy the video below about the Aloha Cluster Pays videolsot.