Dynamite Bingo

Classic Bingo

Firstly, we will talk about the classic bingo to see the differences between it and the Dynamite Bingo Online. Bingo is a very old and known game, played in many variants but right now, we are interested about the classic variant. So, in the classic bingo it’s all about the tickets. Every player, before of starting the game, buy a ticket with 15 numbers between 1 and 90. The numbers are set on 3 rows and 5 columns. When the game starts( after all of the players, buy tickets )15 numbers are chosen randomly. The caller, call every number and if a player has a row completed with numbers called before, it need to yell “LINE” and it is declared one of the winners. Or, if one player has every number called on its ticket, it can yell “BINGO” and it is also declared one of the winners.classic bingo

Dynamite Bingo

Dynamite Bingo Online is a Novomatic game of luck, played on many casino platforms online and the action of the game is between the player and the computer. This game has similar rules with the classic one: it’s based on the tickets( here are 4 tickets, instead of 1 ) with 15 numbers on them. At the beggining of the game, the numbers on the thicket aren’t visible and you can bet on every ticket how much you want( here is one of the benefits: you can bet how you want. For example: you can bet all of your money on one ticket).Also, 30 numbers are shown on the bottom of the tickets. After of betting your money, you’ll need to click on the start button, then the tickets will explode and the numbers on them will appear. If the numbers on the thicket are between the those 30 numbers, they will be marked with “X”, then you’ll get your winning.
dynamite bingo


After all of these, I think that the Dynamite Bingo Online it’s very similar with the classic bingo game and it is a pleasure for me when I play this game. So, don’t hesitate and make money from explosions.