Casino 777: 200% bonus this weekend

Casino 777: 200% bonus this weekend

This gives a 777 Casino bonus of 200% off to anyone who does one deposit. This means that your bet is tripled by Casino 777. This with a maximum amount of € 400. This deposit is given to celebrate the launch of the slot machine Atlantis World, but you can’m also use one of the dice games Casino 777.

Dice games bonus at Casino 777

777 casino now has namely 11 different dice games. A number of these dice games – such as, for example, Crystal Hi & amp; Lo Colony Dice, Black and White Dice and Dice or Riches – you merely play at Casino 777. Other titles, such Valko Dice Dice and 24 are also playing at other online casinos and online arcades. All in all, Casino 777 has a qualitative fantastic range of dice games. Each month, this offer is further extended with new dice games!

For new players there is a no deposit bonus available up to € 100. After creating your account, you get completely randomly assigned to a casino bonus. This bonus is a minimum of € 5 and a maximum of € 100. Then you get after the first deposit again one bonus time you get double your first deposit with an amount of up to € 200! Also, Casino 777 gives you 50 free spins gift for the popular online slot machine Starburst

. Click to € 100 free play money

This week additional bonus of 200% up to € 400

This week get additional still even have a bonus of 200% up to € 400. This means that when you make a deposit of € 200 will get a bonus of € 400. Obviously it is also permitted to pay a smaller amount and then you get the bonus. With a deposit of for example € 20, you get one nice bonus of € 40. You can use a total of € 60 play money trying to win money at Casino 777.

It is important that after the deposit a mail sent to with the subject ‘Fidelity’. Only in this way you get the added bonus of Casino 777.

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