Amsterdams Casino to try out new games?

 when Pigs Fly logo It never stops at Amsterdams Casino and also the latest games from NetEnt to play here. Since Football: Champions Cup was added to the range further increased to the range of Amsterdam Casino. So you can now find the NetEnt video slots Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune, NRNVA and the latest addition When Pigs Fly! All these games are created by the same developer so you can rely on a high degree of quality when you play these games. Not only do they all look beautiful in their own way, they also all have unique soundtracks and smooth animations. In addition, all games have their own theme with bonus games that take place in this theme. So Theme Park has several carnival games you can play for extra profits!

All three games work as always with a number of roles and different rows. The goal is always to try to get three or more identical symbols on a ‘payline’, from left to right. A payline is a straight line at, for example, is horizontal, but can also first move downwards and then upwards, or to make a jump from top to bottom. If there are three (or more) identical symbols to get such a payline, starting from the far left, the player gets points. These points are worth a certain amount, depending on the application to run. The higher the stakes at Amsterdams Casino, the higher also the profits.

NetEnt games are known to have an extremely high theoretical chance of winning. So Theme Park at Amsterdams Casino odds of 96.52%, 96.60% and NRVNA one of When Pigs Fly even 97%! Keep in mind that this is a theoretical chance of winning and not guaranteed. It does mean that you can assume that you can play a great time with your money wagered at Amsterdams Casino. All games to make use RNG (Random Number Generator) that every spin is completely random. It is so random that NetEnt itself can not predict what the next spin will do!

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Gambling on mobile and tablet takes very far.

The popularity of online gambling is increasing but also the number of online casinos is increasing tremendously. What started with only Oranje Casino, now ends already Polder Casino. In between are a number of other online casinos and the number of Dutch Online Casinos meanwhile perhaps is already 10. Also gambling on mobile and tablets is increasing considerably. So gambling is now about 94 million people sometimes via mobile on tablet. These are figures from all over the world. This number over the next five years increase significantly to a whopping 194 million people, there are 100 million more than today.

“About 130 million people gambling now sometimes via the Internet,” says businessman Morgan Stanley . This number will only grow more, because everything on the internet is much easier. This is partly because you already saved the ride. You do not have to drive to gamble even at a blackjack table or roulette table. In addition, virtually anyone can register without having to register here. Not only the table games are popular on the Internet, including slots, video slots, betting on sports such as football and tennis, as well as scratches and online bingo is becoming increasingly popular. When this number that will continue to rise sharply, there will be a lot less real casinos in the future with real doors. This will be a pity, because it still brings a slightly different atmosphere with it than any online casino.

However, the success of gambling on the Internet does not have to suffer here. The number will anyway increase sharply over the next five years. The benefits brought about by an online casino it plays a major role. People who love sometimes a gamble make faster as their laptop or tablet on your lap for relaxing moments. This is a smaller step they need to take to gamble here. In addition, online casinos give away also bonuses and promotions, which also play a major role in the popularity of gambling on the Internet. A new report from a US market research firm called Juniper Research found that over 5 years as a go 164 million people regularly place a bet on the Internet to try their luck here.

Loving gamblers do is nowadays not physically move, making it a less higher threshold ‘moment’ to gamble. In addition, you can now gamble in an online live casino. Here you play against real live croupiers. The live casino can be only a limited number of casino games including live roulette, live baccarat and live blackjack. You can follow this croupiers via webcam, and you can also chat to them. You spend way through an almost real casino atmosphere in your living room. Also you can chat with other players when you put on the table.

As you see, all this brings many advantages with it, and you might even gamble on the Internet. These figures are not for nothing so high, and you will yourself notice that it entails a lot of advantages. So you can also win jackpots that sometimes could total approximately 20 million euros. Approximately 10 times as much as in Holland Casino or other physical casino.

Seeking a high roller casino!

So .. so you’re looking for a high roller casino? You know whats what it means? Well? Then you can read directly on to the next section. If not, read this first moment. A high roller casino is nothing more and nothing less than an online casino without a maximum limit. So you want to bet as much as you want. If you are a high roller really speak about very high amounts. Usually, these are Dutch celebrities, businessmen, top athletes or artists. The casino can be a high roller, but so will you. If you are looking for a high roller casino and you really have a high budget you’ve come to the right place. We have on this page specially selected for you some high roller casinos. So this means online casinos that offer slots, video slots and table games where you really can bet high.

Holland Casino get high rollers usually an additional service such as bottle service or finger food, but you are in an online casino Of course not expected. Here you must unfortunately completely self care. What you can expect, however, and you can count for sure when you have to go choose we will explain below to register as a high roller at an online casino.

Pros to play as High roller
on the internet, you have a slightly larger advantage to play as a high roller. We will give you a small example. In a land-based casino you can count on many additional services like free drinks and food. Of course not strange, because a drunken high roller will post faster wrong or stupid bets and lose significant amounts of money. Therefore, a high roller in a land-based casino must always be careful that he does not drink too much.

In an online casino, you fully in your hands, and you will not be tempted by the free drinks and snacks. You can easily say no to yourself. You will put less wrong or stupid bets and be losing money a little tipsy. You must address the fact itself. You can, as high roller in an online casino to enjoy a nice cashback if you lose a lot of money. So if you at one time € 10 000, – you get your money back up to 10% at most online casinos. So nice bonus!

High Roller Casino / High Limit Casino
So you know now what the advantages and disadvantages of a land-based casino and high roller online high roller casino. Of course you are now looking for a good online casino that also gives you the actual cash back, because that’s always good. We have found you a nice casino specifically for the high rollers was established among us. Here you will get 5% cashback. Of course you also need to give up something for this, because here you also will not get nice bonuses or promotions. The cash back is all you have. But what does it matter if you bet with hundreds, or perhaps thousands of euros at a time? Exactly! So nothing! Below are the High Rollers Casino Internet, No Bonus Casino! Click the banner and make your account!


Click the banner above to go to No Bonus Casino

Polder Casino is willing to accept High Rollers. But this mainly on table games like online roulette and online blackjack where you no less than € 5000, – per round can bet, with 2000 euros per color, and 100 on each number. Online Blackjack, you can bet 500 per hand. Also good for a high roller. If you still want to bet more than we do recommend the No Bonus Casino to above. We wish you much playing fun. PS: Click on the banner below to register with Polder Casino and enjoy a nice welcome bonus

 polder casino high roll

Click the banner above to polder go casino

Online Roulette Casinos

On the internet are many different online casinos, as well as many different casinos where you can play online roulette. Of course there are a lot of roulette casino to find, and you can see the trees for the forest anymore. We want to help you with this and have therefore made an nice overview of the safe and best online casinos where you can play online roulette.

Online Roulette is a popular game, and more and more people choose to play it to the internet. The offer on the Internet is therefore ever more so there is almost no list between safe online roulette casinos and not safe roulette casinos. Therefore it is important for you to know where you can play online roulette and where not. We can tell you one thing for sure and that is that all the casinos on this website are completely legal and safe. Online Casinos are viewed and judged by specialists in several factors namely: safety, reliability, honesty, atmosphere and of course bonuses and actions

Top 3 Dutch Online Casinos
Casino Review Bonus Review Play
Polder Casino

50% to € 198.60 Review Polder Casino  speelnubutton
Klaver Casino 100% up to € 150 + 25 free spins Review Shamrock Casino  speelnubutton
Crown Casino 100% up to € 100 Crown Casino Review  speelnubutton

there are several forms of online roulette. So you can play different variants such as American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. Of course works almost every table the same but you will occasionally notice a slight difference. The online casinos you’ll find on this page offer any kind of online roulette. So you can play your favorite roulette version.

A big advantage of playing in an online casino is that you can try out the different versions of roulette for free first. You can learn the rules as you might know it yet. But you can also try different strategies to increase your chances of winning. A great advantage with respect to a land-based casino course! Besides this you can also consider playing in the live casino. Below you can read more about this.

In an online casino you will find a separate section “live casino”. Here you can play different table games including live roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The most popular games on the planet. A live casino is actually a combination of a land-based casino and an online casino. You can be playing against real live croupiers that you can follow through HD webcams. The image is therefore still good. It also gives you a sense of confidence, because you can see everything yourself and you know subconsciously that everything is fair and confidential. So if you love a nice game of roulette is definitely a must at any of these online casinos.

NetEnt Casinos on the Internet

NetEnt stands for Net Entertaiment. Most online casinos use these vetrouwde casino software. When you are looking for a NetEnt casino then you are at right place t. On you will only NetEnt casinos including the different casino games including table games, video slots, jackpot games and live casino games. Alternatively, these NetEnt Casinos gambling via your phone or tablet. So you do not need your home to gamble on your favorite casino game.

We will also assess comprehensively the different NetEnt Casinos. We can tell you one thing for sure: Every online casino you will find here has a license which makes it legally as a Dutchman for you to gamble here. We would like to mention that is an independent site. We can therefore not be held liable for any problems with the NetEnt Casino. We would like to inform you as much as possible about the NetEnt Casino where you want to play. We have never had any complaints about the NetEnt Casinos you can find here.

Top 3 NetEnt Online Casinos
Casino Review Bonus Review Play
Polder Casino

50% to € 198.60 Review Polder Casino  speelnubutton
Klaver Casino 100% up to € 150 + 25 free spins Review Shamrock Casino  speelnubutton
Crown Casino 100% up to € 100 Review Crown Casino  speelnubutton

NetEnt is always busy creating new games. Every month there are new video slots or slots at. Making it fun as a player for you to continue gambling at a NetEnt Casino. Besides providing these casinos always nice bonuses and promotions making it even more attractive to gamble here. Also, get new players a nice welcome bonus on your first deposit.

NetEnt Casino Games
NetEnt is not for nothing the number one casino software. Because most games where you gamble of NetEnt. From table games to slots and video slots. NetEnt actually mastered the online casino world. It does not matter where you are looking for; Roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other table game? Or maybe your favorite video slot? It does not matter, NetEnt takes care of everything, and ensures a safe and reliable gaming environment. It will amaze you how many casinos actually have this software. Below, we will just three online casinos in the short term.

Polder NetEnt Casino
Polder Casino is a NetEnt casino games and only this software. You can rest assured that Polder Casino safe and reliable online casino that also happens to have a license. You can also pay here by secure PayPal. Polder Casino has grown in a short time to the top of the Dutch online casinos. Many Dutch people see this online casino as a favorite. Play fun so you will have experience in this casino.

NetEnt Shamrock Casino
Also Shamrock Casino is a popular NetEnt casino where players like to return. Shamrock Casino is next to Casino Polder also a fantastic NetEnt Casino. This casino gives its players like bonuses and promotions. Besides the nice welcome bonus you can win here regularly extra cash prizes and beautiful elketronica. Klaver Casino has an extensive range where you can surely find your favorite casino game. You can also make use of the great live casino NetEnt where you can play against real live croupiers.

NetEnt Crown Casino
Crown Casino recently introduced its range extended by betting on sports. The sports section does not use the NetEnt software but the other casino games from Crown Casino did. So you can bet with one account on sports and your favorite table game, play video slot or slots. Again, you get back a nice welcome bonus when you create a new account. Also, you can regularly enjoy free spins on your favorite slot machine!

Top 3 NetEnt Online Casinos
Casino Review Bonus Review Play
Polder Casino

50 % to € 198.60 Review Polder Casino  speelnubutton
shamrock Casino 100% up € 150 + 25 free spins Review Shamrock Casino  speelnubutton
crown Casino 100% up € 100 Review Crown Casino  speelnubutton

Special action with 21 iPhone 6 will be given away by Amsterdam Casino

iphone_giveaway in Amsterdam Casino there is currently a very spectacular action that makes your chances of winning one of 21 iPhone 6 that are being given away by Amsterdam Casino. This action began on October 10 and will last until 31 October. You make so now 19 days likelihood of such a magnificent iPhone, all you have to do is go online at Amsterdams Casino gambling with real money.

in order to win one of the iPhone 6 you should go to Amsterdam Casino to play with real money. We have the daily actions just before you put in a nutshell:

  • October 13: try to win the most loyalty points to win a iPhone
  • October 14: is the 100th depositor that day
  • October 15: for every 50 euro you deposit you will get a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • October 16: deposit and play 50 euros after 12:00
  • October 17: for every 50 euro you deposit you will get a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • October 18: for every 50 euro you deposit you will receive a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • October 19: you make your first deposit to qualify
  • October 20: play 50 rounds of play on one of the jackpot slots to qualify
  • October 21: deposit 100 euros to qualify
  • October 22: for every 50 euro you deposit you will receive a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • October 23: play one of the slots in the mobile casino
  • October 24: for every 50 euro you deposit you will receive a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • October 25: for every 50 euro you deposit you will receive a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • 26 okotber: collect the most loyliteits points you to qualify
  • October 27: make the 27th deposit to win
  • October 28: play on any of the classic slot of Amsterdam Casino to
  • to qualify October 29: for every 50 euro you deposit you will receive a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • October 30: for every 50 euro you deposit you will receive a ticket for the lottery of the iPhone that day
  • October 31: ‘Like’ the Facebook page of Amsterdam Casino to qualify

you Enough chances so to try your luck in the coming days. Want to know more about this promotion, please go to the website of Amsterdam Casino. There you can find all about the conditions of this action. A comprehensive schedule of these actions can be found on their special “Promotions” page. There you can also see who is in the last days, the lucky winners were such a super beautiful new iPhone 6.

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The best casino movies ever

Over the years there have hatched a lot of casino movies. Films which gepokert, gambled, played roulette, blackjack is played and much more. But what exactly are the best casino movies ever? There are so many films which gambled that you do not even know which now are really good. We have listed the top five best casino movies ever made, so you immediately know what movies you watch.

# 5 Wild Card (2015)
Wild Card is a film whose protagonist Nick Wild (played by Jason Statham). His addiction has led him to the streets of Las Vegas and he decides to take on jobs to ensure his safety to fund his addiction. His life suddenly gets a completely different turn when a friend of Nick is beaten brutally and he was taking on the Mafia.

# 4 Oceans Eleven ( 2001)
Oceans Eleven is a film from 2001. When Danny Ocean is less than 24 hours from the prison, he is already busy planning his next crime: the most advanced casino robbery ever. To achieve this crime he is looking for a group of ten specialized criminals. This group is called, therefore, Danny Ocean’s Eleven. ” It soon becomes apparent that Danny more at stake than just money.

# 3 The Hangover (2009)
Everyone knows The Hangover though. Three men are going to celebrate a bachelor party of their mutual friend in Las Vegas. The next morning they awake with their threes. The bruidgeom missing. Nobody knows what happened that night. Their room is completely destroyed, and there is an unknown baby in a cupboard and there is a tiger in the bathroom. What do these four men have been up the previous evening and night?

# 2 Casino Royale (2006)
James Bond are first mission as a secret agent leads him to Le Chiffre. Le Chiffre is a banker of the most feared terrorists. When Bond To disable this guy, he will have to beat him at poker in the famous Casino Royale. When the British Ministry of Finance employee commitment to watch over the stakes of the game and the money, Bond was not very happy with. He quickly changed his mind. The lady in question, Vesper Lynd very like him.

# 1 21 (2008)
21 is a film from 2008 . The shy student Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is going to pay his tuition with a select group of top students every weekend to Las Vegas. Their aim is therefore to use their knowledge to the results of blackjack in their favor. Led by unorthodox math professor and stats genius Mikcy Rosa (Kevin Spacey), they crack the code again and again and defeating them repeatedly casinos. This film is based around narrated a true and is therefore not for nothing that our number one

Win a year’s salary to € 30,000 at Amsterdams Casino + new welcome bonus!

Until January 17, 2016 you can still do it at Amsterdams Casino at the turn of action where you have a chance to win a whole year’s salary up to € 30,000! Participating is easy. Make sure you have an account and a minimum of € 50 paid. For every € 50 you paid namely get a ticket. The more tickets, the more chance! The draw is on January 18 and a whole lucky player will have an annual salary richer! 10 will also slightly less happy but still very lucky players will receive € 1,000!


& nbsp;

The new welcome bonus

Players get as much as when registering with our 10 free free spins without having to make a deposit and another free casino bonus € 10! Also you will be rewarded after your first three deposits with a nice bonus, just extra play money so! On your first deposit you will receive a 100% bonus up to € 555. On your second deposit you will receive 50% bonus up to € 200 plus 20 free spins and your third deposit a 25% bonus up to € 100 plus 20 free spins. Note: This is an exclusive bonus that you only get when you’re here with our records

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Amsterdams Casino

March-Madness at Amsterdams Casino

 March-Madness at Amsterdams Casino The whole month of March you can win adventurous prices at online casino Amsterdam Casino! The promotion will run until March 30, 2016 and a week super raffled face value! Make a deposit of at least € 25, collect tickets and join us!


This week, can you up and make 17 March a chance to GoPro camera that allows you to capture all your adventures! For every € 25 you deposit you will receive a ticket for the draw which will take place on 18 March. The more you deposit and play, the more chance of winning, of course, in this Dutch casino, but also the more chance you have a cool Go-Pro. There are at the end of the week as much as 5 Go-Pro raffled!

In the week from 17 to 24 March you can win a Skydiving jump Another adventurous price that fits Fly Stunt row and a Hot-air balloon flight! The latter two prices are assumed at the beginning of March. Deposit and play again taking place this week at least € 25 and receive a ticket for the prize draw on 25 March. No less than 10 jumps will be raffled so make sure you’re there and win.

In the last week of March you can win a cool Vespa scooter And not only this week but have your tickets collected at the beginning of the month, you will also join us! So all the players that one or more tickts received in March to participate in the draw which will take place on 31 March. There are three scotoers Vespa raffle!

Join Amsterdams Casino

Want to join the March Madness at Amsterdams Casino? Make sure you have an account and log in on this page by clicking on the banner. You will receive immediately after registration already € 10 free casino bonus and 10 free no deposit free spins. You will also receive the following bonuses on your first 3 deposits:

  • 100% bonus on your 1st deposit up to € 555
  • 50% bonus on your 2nd deposit up to € 200 plus 20 free spins
  • 25% bonus on your 3rd deposit up to € 100 and 20 free spins

This is an exclusive bonus and you will receive only if you sign up here!

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Casino Video Slot: Starburst

Play Starburst Video Slot at:
 Play at shamrock Casino  Play at Crown Casino  Play at Casino Polder

the famous software broker of online casinos: NetEnt presented a now very popular video slot in August 2013: Starburst. At first sight, this video slot does not seem great. Until the moment you start playing, then you are not starting to save. You see on the reels are arcade-like symbols that are animated very limited. Of course this seems nothing until the moment the “Starburst” symbol is displayed. This symbol is the Wild symbol and will equally fill the entire reel (expanding wild).

The Starburst Video Slot is of course no coincidence one of the more famous video slots from the Internet. Besides Qonzo’s Quest and Starburst Scarface is also very popular with the Dutch gokliefhebbers. When you start you will see playing this fantastic video slot why this video slot is so popular. In this video slot, you can pre-select your coin value with the “coin size” button. In addition, this video slot also has an auto-play feature. So you do not need to click each site and will not lame finger. You can also specify the pre-auto-play the number of automatic spins. The auto-play will stop at the specified number

Rules & paylines Starburst

Starburst Wild Symbol

Starburst Wild Symbol

Natural hanging there is no real ground rules on a video slot. It is also another very simple to get the Starburst video slot below the knee. This video slot has language into ten paylines. The correct symbols to get another win. Logical. It is logical that some symbols are worth more than others. The Starburst Wilds (see left) contribute to the popularity of these video slot. When these stars all the same cover the entire reel and count for each symbol. In addition, once you get a free spin out of which remain the Wild Stars

. Play Starburst Video Slot at:
 Play at Shamrock Casino  Play at Crown Casino  Play at Casino Polder

play free Starburst video slot
The video slot Starburst is like in any online casino also to play with us for free (as you see above might already seen). This is obviously a big advantage over a land-based casino where you always need money stabbing in a slot machine or video slot to try it once. Online Casinos offer the opportunity to try out the video slot or slot free and so is the Starburst Video Slot. If you have, you can choose to master the Starburst video slot to play for real money. This video slot is payable at Klaver Casino Polder Casino and Crown Casino with PayPal, Credit Card and Paypal. You can choose your casino by clicking on one of the logos below the game window of the video slot above.

Jackpot Starburst video slot
This Starburst video slot you can use a jackpot win of 50,000 coins. This means when a coin value of € 1, – set, you therefore € 50,000, – can win. On this jackpot you could win if you get 5 bar symbols with a maximum bet and if you get another 5 barsymbolen thanks to a free re-spin.

Watch the video Starburst

Play Starburst video slot at :
 Play at Shamrock Casino  Play at Crown Casino Play at Casino Polder