Deal or No Deal slot dice

Deal or No Deal slot dice

This dice slot is based on the popular television quiz show Deal or No Deal. In this television quiz should carry out the tasks participants and answer questions. The prices are in suitcases. Each participant plays out, then the bank calculates an amount. The participant may choose: either collect that amount or continue road games with suitcases, not knowing what prices there are in the remaining cases

In this online dice Finally, you need happy to answer any complicated questions.. The bonus game, Deal or no Deal, must be unlocked by turning to these online slot machine

Deal or no Deal -. The bonus game

To the bonus game deal or no deal free to play, you need three bonus symbols to get the roll of the dice slot. The bonus symbol is identified by the word “Deal or no Deal The Slot Game Wild”.

In total there are 26 different suitcases arranged in this bonus game. A suitcase is yours. In each case the kofefers is a certain amount. You must choose from suitcases out of the game. Obviously you can not see the contents of the suitcases. Every time after you uitgekizen a suitcase which then disappears from the game, the bank makes you a proposal.

You can choose between whether to continue playing or sell your case for this amount to the bank. The bank knows of course what is in your suitcase and what the other is still being suitcases in the game. The offer of the bank is based on this. So it’s really an issue as long as you maintain your nerves and make a choice at the right time between security (bid couch) or gambling (your case).

After this bonus game can completely random yet another bonus game start. This may be The Player’s Choice, where you make a choice of three suitcases. The contents of the suitcase chosen, will be added to your account balance. Another bonus game requirement The Banker’s Offer. In this bonus game you get to choose from five suitcases. You may then choose between accepting a bid from the bank or open a new case. Tension on top and therefore these dice slot.

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Deal or no Deal – the basic game

it is of course particularly matter in the base game for free to the bonus game see play. the real interest rates are indeed divided in this bonus game. Nevertheless there is in the base game of Deal or No Deal Dice slot know what to pick. Combinations of at least three identical symbols on one of the 10 pay lines of this online dice slot machine, providing you profit.

the higher your bet, the higher your profit will be, of course. But it can not hurt to not put too coarse. you can try your luck on the dice Finally, from € 0.10 per spin. The maximum bet, interesting for high strikers amounts to € 10.

Winning makes you especially with the green dice. This green dice will give you up to € 1,000 to plus 400 Super Games. With a Super Game, you can win by a spin on a Wheel of Fortune to a maximum of € 10. In total, you can also further up to € 4,000 extra win this Super Games. This makes Deal or no Deal a very interesting dice slot machine for players looking for great prices

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