Play with € 10 free Deal or no Deal Dice Slot

The big hit of this summer is unprecedented doubt the Deal or no Deal slot dice. Lucky Games has also this brand new online slot dice added to the game offering. To celebrate, the players get from Lucky Games a bonus of 40% up to € 250. If you do not have an account at Lucky Games, then there is € 10 free play credit for getting ready.

Everyone now create an account at Lucky Games, which will receive 10 euro free play money. With this free money you can take your shot at all dice games and dice slots offering Lucky Games. That will be more and more, because each month a few new dice games and dice slots are added to the game selection of this online arcade.

Up to € 500 bonus at Lucky Games

after this € 10 free play money, there are two options: either you like Lucky Games not nice website and looking for your salvation in any of the other online casinos in Belgium. Whether you like it – there is every reason, because Lucky Games has a great game selection – and you make a deposit. You then play with your deposit after you first Lucky Games free of charge and without obligation tried with the bonus without deposit of € 10 which will be given away to new players.

The first deposit by Lucky Games doubled. You will get a bonus of 100% up to € 500. This is a clear indication that even if you € 500 deposit, you still receive a double bonus. You get in this case 500 euro bonus, so you play with a total of 1,000 euros. Of course, there may also be paid less. Starting from a deposit of only 20 euros grab this 100% bonus with it. The deposit of € 20 is doubled in that case. You can then play with a total of € 40 on one of the many dice games or dice slots Lucky Games offers its players

play deal or no deal with € 10 free

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Deal or No Deal slot dice

This dice slot is based on the popular television quiz show Deal or No Deal. In this television quiz should carry out the tasks participants and answer questions. The prices are in suitcases. Each participant plays out, then the bank calculates an amount. The participant may choose: either collect that amount or continue road games with suitcases, not knowing what prices there are in the remaining cases

In this online dice Finally, you need happy to answer any complicated questions.. The bonus game, Deal or no Deal, must be unlocked by turning to these online slot machine

Deal or no Deal -. The bonus game

To the bonus game deal or no deal free to play, you need three bonus symbols to get the roll of the dice slot. The bonus symbol is identified by the word “Deal or no Deal The Slot Game Wild”.

In total there are 26 different suitcases arranged in this bonus game. A suitcase is yours. In each case the kofefers is a certain amount. You must choose from suitcases out of the game. Obviously you can not see the contents of the suitcases. Every time after you uitgekizen a suitcase which then disappears from the game, the bank makes you a proposal.

You can choose between whether to continue playing or sell your case for this amount to the bank. The bank knows of course what is in your suitcase and what the other is still being suitcases in the game. The offer of the bank is based on this. So it’s really an issue as long as you maintain your nerves and make a choice at the right time between security (bid couch) or gambling (your case).

After this bonus game can completely random yet another bonus game start. This may be The Player’s Choice, where you make a choice of three suitcases. The contents of the suitcase chosen, will be added to your account balance. Another bonus game requirement The Banker’s Offer. In this bonus game you get to choose from five suitcases. You may then choose between accepting a bid from the bank or open a new case. Tension on top and therefore these dice slot.

 deal or no deal slot dice carousel

Deal or no Deal – the basic game

it is of course particularly matter in the base game for free to the bonus game see play. the real interest rates are indeed divided in this bonus game. Nevertheless there is in the base game of Deal or No Deal Dice slot know what to pick. Combinations of at least three identical symbols on one of the 10 pay lines of this online dice slot machine, providing you profit.

the higher your bet, the higher your profit will be, of course. But it can not hurt to not put too coarse. you can try your luck on the dice Finally, from € 0.10 per spin. The maximum bet, interesting for high strikers amounts to € 10.

Winning makes you especially with the green dice. This green dice will give you up to € 1,000 to plus 400 Super Games. With a Super Game, you can win by a spin on a Wheel of Fortune to a maximum of € 10. In total, you can also further up to € 4,000 extra win this Super Games. This makes Deal or no Deal a very interesting dice slot machine for players looking for great prices

play deal or no deal at carousel

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Olympic bonus € 5 free play money

It will not have escaped you. the Olympics working in Rio de Janeiro. For our country, these Olympics no longer play after the fantastic victory of Greg van Avermaet in the Olympic wegkoers cycling. Palladium Games is almost as good shape as Greg van Avermaet.

€ 5 free with palladium Games bonus code

Especially because the Olympic Games are currently working, has Palladium Play an extra bonus of € 5 ready. For this bonus you do not have to pay extra if you’re a player Palladium Games. All you need to do is to move you to the Palladium Games website. Then log into your account and moves you toward the cash register. Since you are not depositing money but enter the bonus code Palladium Games ‘RIO2016’ in. Then clicking on you € 5 extra play money in your account. This € 5 free money you can try your luck at one of the many dice games Palladium Games has posted on the website

. Please note: there are a number of conditions apply to this code. So this bonus code is valid until August 22, 2016. After this date, you can no longer use these Palladium Games bonus code. Also, only players eligible to the past 90 days, have made a deposit of at least € 20 in Palladium.Verder this € 5 bonus money. This are therefore Palladium bonus terms apply. This bonus terms are flexible and customer friendly. The bonus money does which is to be played around only 30 times

. Go to the Palladium website

Have an account Palladium Games?

the Palladium website is not exactly the prettiest or most glitzy online casino site. Let yourself therefore not put off. The game selection is similar to the game offerings on websites like the Carousel Casino Belgium and Super Game.

The bonuses are maybe even better. New players receive a first deposit bonus of 100% up to € 100. After your first deposit, you will immediately qualify for an extra bonus. By entering the bonus code “Samba” you get € 10 extra playing money without having to pay extra for this. You can also directly enter the bonus code “Rio2016”, you will get another € 5 extra play money in your account. Then you already € 15 extra on top of the 100% welcome bonus.

Losing is part of online gambling. Sometimes you are lucky and you win, sometimes you have bad luck and you will lose. At Palladium is losing half as bad. , You receive a monthly cashback of 50% on your veriezen. Say for example, you lose € 50, you get € 25 back. This once a month.

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Deal or No Deal dice slot at Carousel

Carousel launches from today a brand new dice slot. The wildly popular television program Deal or No Deal had a dice game. Like the teleivisieprogramma, is this dice game extremely popular. Now, Deal or No Deal also has a dice final version. An exciting dice slot with three different bonus games.

Playing on the dice finally do at Carousel. Do not have an account at Carousel? No problem. Anyone who creates an account with this online arcade, now temporarily receive 10 euro free play credit. The 10 euro free play credit you can use include this new dice slot of the television program Deal or no Deal. The 10 euro free play credit is also completely free and without obligation.

Have an account Carousel? Then you get especially on the occasion of the introduction of this new dice lock an added bonus. Carousel adds 50% of your deposit as a bonus to your account. This to a maximum amount of € 300. example, suppose you € 20 deposit, you will get € 10 bonus Carousel

. Log into carousel and get € 10 free

bonuses Deal or no Deal slot dice

Deal or no Deal slot dice does include Wild symbols which increase profits. The Wild symbol serves as a wildcard, so you can more easily form winning combinations on this online dice slot machine. Additionally, you can also unlock the Deal or no Deal bonus with this Wild symbol. Before that there are three necessary. Do you collect three of these Wild symbols, you play the Deal or no Deal bonus game. This game works exactly like on television. You get a large number of cases. Each round you get an offer from the bank and taken away some suitcases. It’s up to you to make the right guess: you take the offer of the bank or try to extract more by opening suitcases

The Deal or No Deal bonus is not the only one? bonus. For example, there also nodg the Player’s Choice Bonus. This bonus appears completely random after spins. After each spin it appears Player’s Choice Bonus or not either. In the latter case, you’re in luck. Is all there is to say. You get with this bonus features three suitcases. You can select one suitcase. In this case denotes price.

The third and final bonus of this dice slot is The Banker’s Choice. Also, The Banker’s Choice is totally random granted. After each spin on Deal or no Deal Dice Final you can win this The Banker’s Choice bonus. Instead of three suitcases you now get five suitcases. From these five cases, choose one of them. In this case is the prize won by you.

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Win a Playstation 4 at Lucky Games

Lucky Games is the online casino website of the arcade Lucky Sound in Antwerp. Since the website was renewed early this year, it’s hard with Lucky Games. Even now it is again distributed an added bonus, there is added a new dice game to game variety and you can win a PlayStation 4 package. Play Do you like computer games? Are you crazy about football? Then read this article how a Playstation 4-pack to win the game Euro 2016.

Win a Playstation 4 package at Lucky Games

Let’s start with the latter. Lucky Games organizes a monthly dice game tournament. The interesting thing about this tournament is not the player who wins or plays with the biggest bet the most, but the player who plays the best. Participation is often free. The point is that you put a high score during the free games. The player with the best score. It’s that simple.

Each month there is a prize for the winner. This month is a Playstation 4 package. You get the special 20th Anniversary edition. That is the 1TB version of the Playstation 4, including 2 DualShock 4 controllers and the game PES 2016. PES Euro Euro 2016 you can experience the European Football Championship again. You get the ultimate chance for the Red Devils this time to bring the European title. We’re wondering if you succeed

. Join the PS4 package

Treasure Dice, sunny, new dice game

 Treasure Lucky Dice Games

Lucky Games has also added a new dice game to the game offer: Treasure Dice. Treasure is set on the beach of an island tropscih. Among the crabs, monkeys and coconuts, put down the dice on the right spots. The better you do, the more you win. You can per game up to 100 times your bet.

In the bonus game are washed treasure chests on the beach. It is intended that you picked the right chests out. This way you play euros together. These euros can you use to try to further increase profit if you let them transferred to your bank account. It is occasionally nice weather this weekend, so a fun way to play terrace bill together and deserve.

Lucky Play bonuses

Finally, Lucky Games this weekend also an additional bonus for loyal players. Anyone who has paid even at Lucky Games, which will receive a bonus of 30%. The maximum bonus amount received has been set high, ie € 500. This offer is valid until July 17, 2016 at midnight.

If you do not have an account at Lucky Games, then you leave until now € 510 bonus money. You will receive at Lucky Play a record bonus of € 10 as a thank you for taking the trouble to create a Lucky Games account. You do not have to deposit for this € 10 bonus. An online casino bonus with no deposit so!

That’s not all. The initial deposit is also accompanied by a bonus. Lucky Games doubles your deposit with a maximum of € 500. You read it: Lucky Games is very generous in terms of bonuses

Suit € 510 bonus along with Lucky Games

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Casino 777: 200% bonus this weekend

This gives a 777 Casino bonus of 200% off to anyone who does one deposit. This means that your bet is tripled by Casino 777. This with a maximum amount of € 400. This deposit is given to celebrate the launch of the slot machine Atlantis World, but you can’m also use one of the dice games Casino 777.

Dice games bonus at Casino 777

777 casino now has namely 11 different dice games. A number of these dice games – such as, for example, Crystal Hi & amp; Lo Colony Dice, Black and White Dice and Dice or Riches – you merely play at Casino 777. Other titles, such Valko Dice Dice and 24 are also playing at other online casinos and online arcades. All in all, Casino 777 has a qualitative fantastic range of dice games. Each month, this offer is further extended with new dice games!

For new players there is a no deposit bonus available up to € 100. After creating your account, you get completely randomly assigned to a casino bonus. This bonus is a minimum of € 5 and a maximum of € 100. Then you get after the first deposit again one bonus time you get double your first deposit with an amount of up to € 200! Also, Casino 777 gives you 50 free spins gift for the popular online slot machine Starburst

. Click to € 100 free play money

This week additional bonus of 200% up to € 400

This week get additional still even have a bonus of 200% up to € 400. This means that when you make a deposit of € 200 will get a bonus of € 400. Obviously it is also permitted to pay a smaller amount and then you get the bonus. With a deposit of for example € 20, you get one nice bonus of € 40. You can use a total of € 60 play money trying to win money at Casino 777.

It is important that after the deposit a mail sent to with the subject ‘Fidelity’. Only in this way you get the added bonus of Casino 777.

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Sky Vaarts bonus of € 350 at Lucky Games

Lucky Games Today is Ascension day and most people enjoy a well-earned day off! You may also make it a well-deserved long weekend from Friday to bridge? Lucky Games in this context gives a bonus of € 350 off! Be quick as this offer is valid until Saturday, May 7th, 2016!

Anyone who has an account at Lucky Games and today, tomorrow or the day after making a deposit, will receive an additional Ascension bonus of 35 % up to € 350. This means that when, for example € 50 deposit, you will receive a bonus of € 17.50

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Bonuses for new players at Lucky Games

If you do not have an account at Lucky Games? Then there is a signup bonus of € 10 to rapen.Lucky Games gives namely € 10 no deposit bonus away to anyone who signs up for an account with the Belgian legal online arcade! This € 10 free play money that can be used to explore the Lucky Games website and get acquainted with the many dice games and online diceslots that can be played here.

After the sign-up bonus, players receive a deposit at Lucky Play a bonus of 100% up to € 500. This means doubling your deposit. Let’s take the example that you € 25 collapses to play at Lucky Games. In that case, you will receive € 25 bonus money. The maximum bonus is € 500. This amount of bonus money you receive a deposit of € 500


Loyalty Bonuses at Lucky Games

Lucky Games is not only looking for new players, but remains loyal players put in the limelight. Therefore Lucky Games introduces the loyalty bonus from this week. This is a bonus where the most loyal players of this online arcade can take maximum advantage of.

The amount of the bonus will depend on the amount paid the previous week. For example, suppose you this week, an amount of € 30 deposit, you will receive a week later, a bonus of 50% up to € 30. About € 100 deposit, receive next week a bonus of 50% up to € 100 and € 500 who deposit, the following week will receive a bonus of 50% up to € 200

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24k Gold Reels Jackpot

Air Dice has released ‘n dice slots version of the now very popular dice game 24K Jackpot. Just as the dice game this 24kK Gold Reels has three jackpots, the largest jackpot – the Grand Jackpot – can amount to over 10 thousand euro! You can use these dice slot games at include Golden Palace, where you as a new player gets a free bonus without deposit of € 5.

€ 5 free money means that you can run free in any case ten times 24K Gold Reels Jackpot, as the minimum bet per spin is € 0.50. This bet can ramp up to € 25 per spin, which is also the statutory maximum for this type of slot machine. In total, these dice final ten win lines and you always play with all ten win lines. The number of win lines you can not define. That’s no problem, because the chances of winning at dice slots are greatest if you play with all the possible win lines

24K Gold Reels Jackpot:. Scatter symbols

It takes at Finally, all these dice to hit the jackpot, of course. This jackpot can be won in the bonus game of the dice slot. This bonus game – Gold Wheel Bonus Game called – you unlock by getting at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The scatter symbol is easy to recognize. This scatter symbol is a golden die (dice) with the inscription 24.

In three of these scatter symbols, you play the Gold Wheel Bonus Game free. In four scatter symbols you get a mystery game in addition to the bonus game in and five scatter symbols you get even 6 mystery games at

24K Gold Reels Jackpot:. Gold Wheel Bonus Game

During the Gold Wheel Bonus Game turn into some kind of wheel of fortune, a wheel of fortune as the Americans call the commission. This wheel is made up of 16 different compartments. The principle is simple: you give one spin the wheel and win the price written on the box in which it fell stops

The jackpot win is pretty spicy.. There is one box for each of the three jackpots, there is one box with one mystery game and the remaining 12 boxes contain a price in euros. Also fine, but of course it’s all about the Grand Jackpot of this slot machine containing many thousands or even more than ten thousand euros!

You’re already win this jackpot with one bet of € 0.50 . The amount of your bet is has no effect on the level of the jackpot. It is true that you have a greater chance that the jackpot is when you play with one higher stakes. That is, moreover, common when playing on slot machines with progressive jackpots.

 24K Gold Reels

24K Gold Reels Jackpot: Mystery Play

Mystery Games you can win during the Gold Wheel Bonus game or by collecting 4 or 5 scatter symbols during the regular base game reels 24K Gold Jackpot.

the idea behind a Mystery game is simple. It’s all or nothing. You win in a mystery game every winning combination, the maximum price possible on the slot machine. The maximum win on this slot machine – except for the jackpot – 100 times the bet per spin. If you during one mystery game so ‘is one winning combination – and then it does not matter which combination – you win anyway € 100 you form a winning combination, you’re out of luck and you win nothing

24K Gold Reels Jackpot: what you can win even more

Apart from the scatter symbol, there are 10 different symbols you can afford a price. The least deliver the dices with 1, 2 or 3 eyes, though even these symbols interesting, because five times an identical dice on one of the 10 win lines, you still delivers up to 60 times the bet per winning line, or six times the total bet.

the dices with four or five make eyes in the case of five dices on a win line 80 times the bet per line or win 8 times the total bet on. The dice with six eyes you deliver 200 times the bet per line to win or 20 times your total bet.

Then there are also two dices with Asian characters. They deliver up to 600 times the bet per line Win or 60 times the total bet when you have five in a row on one of the paylines 24K Gold Reels. The most valuable symbol is the green dice showing one Buddhist character. Five of these symbols deliver you with a bet of € 1 (€ 0.10 per winning line) as much as € 100 on.

The Wild symbol can help you form winning combinations. The Wild symbol namely serves as a wildcard for any other symbol. The hat Joker is also on the dice, so this symbol is easily recognizable as a Wild symbol

. Keep playing 24k gold reels

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Crown Casino and Belgium 123 stop

The crisis under the arcades remains constant. Earlier this year, Fortuna 2000 Mirage Games threw in the towel already at down. Now is also Belgium 123 stopped and soon about closure. This reduces the number of legal online arcades to 22. A new license have been submitted. Betclic, the French managed to get a B + permit other. For now is not online. The experience – for example betFIRST – learns that quite may take some time

Belgium 123 offline

The Belgium 123 website is offline and are directing visitors of this website to Golden. Palace. The website of Belgium 123 turned on the authorization of Chip Amusement N.V. from Antwerp. This arcade in the Breydelstraat Antwerp was recently acquired by Golden Palace. The name Chip Amusement on the façade has also been replaced by Golden Palace. This is therefore an end to the era of the brothers Chip Amusement Coremans.

Earlier, Golden Palace already Mirage Games took over. The Mirage Games website also refers to the Golden Palace website

Crown Casino also stop

Golden Palace Antwerp

The games room Golden Palace in Antwerp

The Crown website is still online, but all players have received an email that Crown is going to quit soon. crown just two years ago was announced with great fanfare. Crown Casino is a very well known name in the Netherlands. The Belgian version of the Crown Casino was a rehash. The Dutch were happy to see that they are indeed eager, as bonuses were barely distributed. The game selection was very limited. For example, there were not even find dice games.

Crown encourages its players to play or record as soon as possible any funds in the account. Who wants to play on, will be redirected to Win 36. That is not entirely accidental. Corona Limited, the Maltese company behind Crown, hired the B + permit other for running a legitimate online arcade from the company after 36 Win.

Incidentally, we suggest you to play at Golden Palace. Golden Palace has one more game variety than 36 Win and you get better bonus. If you create one account at Golden Palace, you will receive € 5 free play money. Then you’ll also get a deposit bonus of 200% up to € 500! The best of all is that the bonus conditions are the smoothest of Belgium

pack € 5 Free at Golden Palace

Crisis under the arcades

Over the last year ushered Gambling Commission already sounded the alarm. The number of arcades in Belgium should be reduced from 180 to 150. So far that works only inadequate. “You see dropping the smaller arcades. These are often family businesses that are already working for decades. They have been through the good times and are now faced with strict legislation that makes it scarcely interesting to benefit from an arcade. The number of arcades will not so far off, because the little ones are taken over by large parties like Circus and Golden Palace. They are looking for additional market share and if there is one arcade for sale in Antwerp, it is interesting to buy. “, Says the webmaster of the Belgian casino portal

Online looks the going little better, but that is it according “Online hooks off the weaker brethren. Belgium 123 was on recently named worst casino website from Belgium. Crown Casino also suggested violently disappoint. You see with Red Dice and now Betclic that there will be always be back foreign parties who want to try on the Belgian market. The legislation, however, so designed that comply with barely by foreign parties. That there remain so few casinos reveals not so much worried. It is above all much of the same. As a resident of Belgium, you have a great and safe supply of online gambling. That can be said in few other European countries. “.

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Magic Dice gives one skid course for three people away

Magic Dice is not exactly one of the most action-oriented online arcades. But this weekend they fly seriously off the rails. You will get € 5 free to introduce Magic Betting and you can win a skid course for two people

Octan Overdrive:. Win a skid course

Magic Dice has added one new dice slot the game offers. That is the beginning of much more beautiful. Magic Dice is namely the online arcade which expand, so that competitors can compete with larger online arcade games such as Magic Wins, Casino Belgium and Golden Vegas.

To celebrate this new slot game, there is a competition unsubscribed. The prize is very appropriate: because you can win a skid course for three people, so that you never fly more out of the curve in each case. You may also have two friends, colleagues or family members take on skid course. Make it quick, because you have until May 31 a.s. to drag this prize. This prize has a value of € 255.

You can win this prize by playing the new slot game Octan Overdrive. The one who plays the most games Octan Overdrive shall with two friends on skid course. Each game gives you a point and of course games only count along as you play for real money. The “fun play” of course does not count. So you will have properly to the tank must to have a chance at this price.

You can slot game Octan Overdrive also play at Golden Palace. There you now get € 5 free money when you open an account

. Play octane overdrive with € 5 free

Magic Betting: € 5 free

Magic Betting is no stranger to the world of gambling. Magic Betting is in fact the undisputed market leader with regard to the conclusion of bets on sporting events via the cigar and newspaper companies.

We have an exclusive bonus code for you. This bonus code can be close to € 5 free bet on Magic Betting. This bonus code is: UnqrWs1W. Be quick, because this is a limited bonus code!

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