Etiquette and terminology of Craps

Etiquette and terminology of Craps

Playing in a real casino is different than playing online. Online you can sit and relax with a jogging pants legs on the table to play a game and try to win some money. In a land based casino you will be suitably dressed to appear under penalty of are not allowed in the casino.

Each game also has its own unwritten rules and terms. Similarly, the dice game craps. First we explain to you a number of unwritten rules of the game of Craps. Of course you do you are in a casino not to abide by these rules. You should however keep in mind that, particularly in American casinos you do not adhere to these rules will not be appreciated.

Craps etiquette

 online craps the use of currency exchange is done by your chips or money first to lay on the table. Sometimes people try to get the chips or money to switch directly to the dealer. If all is well, the croupier does not hold here. namely the croupiers are not rehctstreeks money or chips accepting players at the casino. That also applies to payments. So do not let your winnings on the table. Use it on the table leave your winnings, you indicate that you want to put more time into those profits.

Also the dice itself some rules. Only the stickman and the shooter may sit on the dice. The players who are not shooter, under no circumstances touch the dice in craps. The shooter must also throw the dice so hard that the dice in any case reach the other side of the table and bounces against the edge. A throw is invalid if the table dice bounces or lands on casino chips. It should be then rolled again. If the dice services remains tilted, then the throw is valid. The stickman may take a decision which number counts. The latter is a hypothetical situation and undoubtedly creates a lot of noise at the table.

Players are not allowed on the playing field with their hands. The idea behind this is that if a die touches the hand of a player, it brings misfortune and could affect the game.

Many terms used in craps

The terminology Craps is American English. You make some ropes, we have the most important terms to put you at a glance:

  • Boxman: This is an employee of the casino keeps an eye on things. The boxman IZT at the table below and in the middle of one side of the table
  • Come-out roll:. This is the first roll of a new shooter. Turns the shooter rolls his point number down
  • Crap Out:. This is throwing 2, 3 or 12 eyes during the come-out roll
  • Craps:. A pitch with the result 2, 3 or 12 eyes, not being the come-out roll
  • Do not pass line:. this is a bet that the casino has the advantage
  • Natural:. a come-out roll resulting in 7 or 11
  • Pass line:. a bet where the player has an advantage
  • Seven out:. a shooter who throws seven, but loses before he points has thrown a time
  • Shooter:. the player who rolls the dice
  • Stickman:. the croupier calling the outcome of the roll, is responsible for the deployment and the dice indicates the next shooter.

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