First quarter figures known Netent

First quarter figures known Netent

Netent is one of the most famous developers and has many games on the market you at an online casino that offers the games from Netent, can play. The payout rate of the games of this developer, are already more than 97% but there have been earned by Netent decent profits. Despite Netent can earn more profits, this is not done. Why not? This developer likes to think in everyone’s interest and therefore continues to maintain its high payout percentages. Curious about the figures presented by Netent and how the increases arise? We’ll tell you below!

Mobile market responsible for increase

In particular, the mobile market has a large share of which is shown on the basis of the statistics and results of operations laid down by developer Netent. This is not very surprising because these known developer launches games with high quality which can be played both online and Touch version. So there is plenty to do on game field as more and more people buy a smartphone or tablet. This is obviously not the only cause Netent knows how to make its games always very interesting. Netent Rocks, Guns’ N Roses and Jimi Hendrix are good examples here!


That high results were achieved by Netent is of course nice to know, but where we are actually really curious about the numbers. If we take the figures of last year there, Netent has increased the first quarter of 2016 by as much as 33.7%. This is a turnover of up to € 285 million! After all expenses and taxes are deducted from this amount, there remains a total amount of up to € 74.2 million euros. This obviously makes it clear that the company’s cash is well stocked! In addition, the shareholders benefit from sufficient with a yield of up to 1.86% per share.

Many high jackpots

The last thing we want to give them the high jackpots that can be won online from NetEnt. These are available worldwide because every casino that offers the games from Netent, offering the same jackpots. The amounts of the jackpots run well on what causes more people choose to play for the NetEnt jackpots. If we look at the past year have already made many people millionaires thanks to the high jackpots and we can tell you already that it certainly will not change considering the results. The games you can play online and mobile are very well worth it! | Learn about casino game, free and real money