Gambling on mobile and tablet takes very far.

Gambling on mobile and tablet takes very far.

The popularity of online gambling is increasing but also the number of online casinos is increasing tremendously. What started with only Oranje Casino, now ends already Polder Casino. In between are a number of other online casinos and the number of Dutch Online Casinos meanwhile perhaps is already 10. Also gambling on mobile and tablets is increasing considerably. So gambling is now about 94 million people sometimes via mobile on tablet. These are figures from all over the world. This number over the next five years increase significantly to a whopping 194 million people, there are 100 million more than today.

“About 130 million people gambling now sometimes via the Internet,” says businessman Morgan Stanley . This number will only grow more, because everything on the internet is much easier. This is partly because you already saved the ride. You do not have to drive to gamble even at a blackjack table or roulette table. In addition, virtually anyone can register without having to register here. Not only the table games are popular on the Internet, including slots, video slots, betting on sports such as football and tennis, as well as scratches and online bingo is becoming increasingly popular. When this number that will continue to rise sharply, there will be a lot less real casinos in the future with real doors. This will be a pity, because it still brings a slightly different atmosphere with it than any online casino.

However, the success of gambling on the Internet does not have to suffer here. The number will anyway increase sharply over the next five years. The benefits brought about by an online casino it plays a major role. People who love sometimes a gamble make faster as their laptop or tablet on your lap for relaxing moments. This is a smaller step they need to take to gamble here. In addition, online casinos give away also bonuses and promotions, which also play a major role in the popularity of gambling on the Internet. A new report from a US market research firm called Juniper Research found that over 5 years as a go 164 million people regularly place a bet on the Internet to try their luck here.

Loving gamblers do is nowadays not physically move, making it a less higher threshold ‘moment’ to gamble. In addition, you can now gamble in an online live casino. Here you play against real live croupiers. The live casino can be only a limited number of casino games including live roulette, live baccarat and live blackjack. You can follow this croupiers via webcam, and you can also chat to them. You spend way through an almost real casino atmosphere in your living room. Also you can chat with other players when you put on the table.

As you see, all this brings many advantages with it, and you might even gamble on the Internet. These figures are not for nothing so high, and you will yourself notice that it entails a lot of advantages. So you can also win jackpots that sometimes could total approximately 20 million euros. Approximately 10 times as much as in Holland Casino or other physical casino.