Royal Panda Casino Mikael delivers hefty cash prize on

Royal Panda Casino Mikael delivers hefty cash prize on

It’s not so very long ago the Gun Marie over a ton won at Royal Panda Casino but there are already distributed a new cash prize. This time Mikael balance was from Sweden increased by approximately € 229,000 euros. This man from Sweden could not believe his eyes when he saw while playing live roulette that he was paid this huge amount of money, even though he has only been signed since March, at this online casino!

How was Mikael € 229,000 euros richer?

Now you know that Mikael has won this great prize, you’ll want to know how he has succeeded. The newly registered player decided to take a seat at the roulette game table in the live casino and played with high amounts. While playing a round of play he knew to bring home a total of up to € 45,419 euros but he chose to continue playing. Because he played on with roulette he could end up € 229,000 euro cash in.

Live High Roller Roulette

Despite the fact that Mikael has only been signed since March at the Royal Panda Casino, he decided to high roller roulette to play. If you choose, you’ll need plenty of opportunities to play roulette with large amounts so you have more chances of earning big profits. This has been able to prove the Swedish player as this he was able to cash in this hefty cash prize. Each number you can place a bet up to € 500 euros, split two numbers can be up to € 1,000 euros, placing a bet on a column or dozen to up to € 6000 euros and if you are on red or black is going to put you choose a maximum bet of no less than € 10,000 per game round!

play with real dealers in live casino

If you are at the online casino to play you not only have the opportunity to to play against the software because you can experience the real power in the live casino. If you choose to live casino you will have the feeling that you’ve just walked in at a physical casino establishment, while at home sitting on the couch. This is because you can follow everything live on an HD camera connection and because the dealer and the table will be continuously shown in the picture you will see with your own eyes that everything is played on a completely random and fair manner.

also play at Royal Panda Casino!

Would you like to play for real money at Royal Panda Casino? Then you will obviously going to need its own player account! If you do not own player account? Do not panic! You can create them easily by filling in a registration form. Once your registration as a new player is complete you will enjoy this online casino received a lovely welcome bonus. You will receive up to 10 free spins that you will be able to use immediately upon receipt. Do you think this is all? Then you are wrong. Based on your first deposit you will again receive a 100% bonus to deck out your credit to a maximum amount of no less than
can raise € 100 euros!

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