Sky Vaarts bonus of € 350 at Lucky Games

Sky Vaarts bonus of € 350 at Lucky Games

Lucky Games Today is Ascension day and most people enjoy a well-earned day off! You may also make it a well-deserved long weekend from Friday to bridge? Lucky Games in this context gives a bonus of € 350 off! Be quick as this offer is valid until Saturday, May 7th, 2016!

Anyone who has an account at Lucky Games and today, tomorrow or the day after making a deposit, will receive an additional Ascension bonus of 35 % up to € 350. This means that when, for example € 50 deposit, you will receive a bonus of € 17.50

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Bonuses for new players at Lucky Games

If you do not have an account at Lucky Games? Then there is a signup bonus of € 10 to rapen.Lucky Games gives namely € 10 no deposit bonus away to anyone who signs up for an account with the Belgian legal online arcade! This € 10 free play money that can be used to explore the Lucky Games website and get acquainted with the many dice games and online diceslots that can be played here.

After the sign-up bonus, players receive a deposit at Lucky Play a bonus of 100% up to € 500. This means doubling your deposit. Let’s take the example that you € 25 collapses to play at Lucky Games. In that case, you will receive € 25 bonus money. The maximum bonus is € 500. This amount of bonus money you receive a deposit of € 500


Loyalty Bonuses at Lucky Games

Lucky Games is not only looking for new players, but remains loyal players put in the limelight. Therefore Lucky Games introduces the loyalty bonus from this week. This is a bonus where the most loyal players of this online arcade can take maximum advantage of.

The amount of the bonus will depend on the amount paid the previous week. For example, suppose you this week, an amount of € 30 deposit, you will receive a week later, a bonus of 50% up to € 30. About € 100 deposit, receive next week a bonus of 50% up to € 100 and € 500 who deposit, the following week will receive a bonus of 50% up to € 200

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