The best casino movies ever

The best casino movies ever

Over the years there have hatched a lot of casino movies. Films which gepokert, gambled, played roulette, blackjack is played and much more. But what exactly are the best casino movies ever? There are so many films which gambled that you do not even know which now are really good. We have listed the top five best casino movies ever made, so you immediately know what movies you watch.

# 5 Wild Card (2015)
Wild Card is a film whose protagonist Nick Wild (played by Jason Statham). His addiction has led him to the streets of Las Vegas and he decides to take on jobs to ensure his safety to fund his addiction. His life suddenly gets a completely different turn when a friend of Nick is beaten brutally and he was taking on the Mafia.

# 4 Oceans Eleven ( 2001)
Oceans Eleven is a film from 2001. When Danny Ocean is less than 24 hours from the prison, he is already busy planning his next crime: the most advanced casino robbery ever. To achieve this crime he is looking for a group of ten specialized criminals. This group is called, therefore, Danny Ocean’s Eleven. ” It soon becomes apparent that Danny more at stake than just money.

# 3 The Hangover (2009)
Everyone knows The Hangover though. Three men are going to celebrate a bachelor party of their mutual friend in Las Vegas. The next morning they awake with their threes. The bruidgeom missing. Nobody knows what happened that night. Their room is completely destroyed, and there is an unknown baby in a cupboard and there is a tiger in the bathroom. What do these four men have been up the previous evening and night?

# 2 Casino Royale (2006)
James Bond are first mission as a secret agent leads him to Le Chiffre. Le Chiffre is a banker of the most feared terrorists. When Bond To disable this guy, he will have to beat him at poker in the famous Casino Royale. When the British Ministry of Finance employee commitment to watch over the stakes of the game and the money, Bond was not very happy with. He quickly changed his mind. The lady in question, Vesper Lynd very like him.

# 1 21 (2008)
21 is a film from 2008 . The shy student Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is going to pay his tuition with a select group of top students every weekend to Las Vegas. Their aim is therefore to use their knowledge to the results of blackjack in their favor. Led by unorthodox math professor and stats genius Mikcy Rosa (Kevin Spacey), they crack the code again and again and defeating them repeatedly casinos. This film is based around narrated a true and is therefore not for nothing that our number one