Win a Playstation 4 at Lucky Games

Win a Playstation 4 at Lucky Games

Lucky Games is the online casino website of the arcade Lucky Sound in Antwerp. Since the website was renewed early this year, it’s hard with Lucky Games. Even now it is again distributed an added bonus, there is added a new dice game to game variety and you can win a PlayStation 4 package. Play Do you like computer games? Are you crazy about football? Then read this article how a Playstation 4-pack to win the game Euro 2016.

Win a Playstation 4 package at Lucky Games

Let’s start with the latter. Lucky Games organizes a monthly dice game tournament. The interesting thing about this tournament is not the player who wins or plays with the biggest bet the most, but the player who plays the best. Participation is often free. The point is that you put a high score during the free games. The player with the best score. It’s that simple.

Each month there is a prize for the winner. This month is a Playstation 4 package. You get the special 20th Anniversary edition. That is the 1TB version of the Playstation 4, including 2 DualShock 4 controllers and the game PES 2016. PES Euro Euro 2016 you can experience the European Football Championship again. You get the ultimate chance for the Red Devils this time to bring the European title. We’re wondering if you succeed

. Join the PS4 package

Treasure Dice, sunny, new dice game

 Treasure Lucky Dice Games

Lucky Games has also added a new dice game to the game offer: Treasure Dice. Treasure is set on the beach of an island tropscih. Among the crabs, monkeys and coconuts, put down the dice on the right spots. The better you do, the more you win. You can per game up to 100 times your bet.

In the bonus game are washed treasure chests on the beach. It is intended that you picked the right chests out. This way you play euros together. These euros can you use to try to further increase profit if you let them transferred to your bank account. It is occasionally nice weather this weekend, so a fun way to play terrace bill together and deserve.

Lucky Play bonuses

Finally, Lucky Games this weekend also an additional bonus for loyal players. Anyone who has paid even at Lucky Games, which will receive a bonus of 30%. The maximum bonus amount received has been set high, ie € 500. This offer is valid until July 17, 2016 at midnight.

If you do not have an account at Lucky Games, then you leave until now € 510 bonus money. You will receive at Lucky Play a record bonus of € 10 as a thank you for taking the trouble to create a Lucky Games account. You do not have to deposit for this € 10 bonus. An online casino bonus with no deposit so!

That’s not all. The initial deposit is also accompanied by a bonus. Lucky Games doubles your deposit with a maximum of € 500. You read it: Lucky Games is very generous in terms of bonuses

Suit € 510 bonus along with Lucky Games

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