Seeking a high roller casino!

Seeking a high roller casino!

So .. so you’re looking for a high roller casino? You know whats what it means? Well? Then you can read directly on to the next section. If not, read this first moment. A high roller casino is nothing more and nothing less than an online casino without a maximum limit. So you want to bet as much as you want. If you are a high roller really speak about very high amounts. Usually, these are Dutch celebrities, businessmen, top athletes or artists. The casino can be a high roller, but so will you. If you are looking for a high roller casino and you really have a high budget you’ve come to the right place. We have on this page specially selected for you some high roller casinos. So this means online casinos that offer slots, video slots and table games where you really can bet high.

Holland Casino get high rollers usually an additional service such as bottle service or finger food, but you are in an online casino Of course not expected. Here you must unfortunately completely self care. What you can expect, however, and you can count for sure when you have to go choose we will explain below to register as a high roller at an online casino.

Pros to play as High roller
on the internet, you have a slightly larger advantage to play as a high roller. We will give you a small example. In a land-based casino you can count on many additional services like free drinks and food. Of course not strange, because a drunken high roller will post faster wrong or stupid bets and lose significant amounts of money. Therefore, a high roller in a land-based casino must always be careful that he does not drink too much.

In an online casino, you fully in your hands, and you will not be tempted by the free drinks and snacks. You can easily say no to yourself. You will put less wrong or stupid bets and be losing money a little tipsy. You must address the fact itself. You can, as high roller in an online casino to enjoy a nice cashback if you lose a lot of money. So if you at one time € 10 000, – you get your money back up to 10% at most online casinos. So nice bonus!

High Roller Casino / High Limit Casino
So you know now what the advantages and disadvantages of a land-based casino and high roller online high roller casino. Of course you are now looking for a good online casino that also gives you the actual cash back, because that’s always good. We have found you a nice casino specifically for the high rollers was established among us. Here you will get 5% cashback. Of course you also need to give up something for this, because here you also will not get nice bonuses or promotions. The cash back is all you have. But what does it matter if you bet with hundreds, or perhaps thousands of euros at a time? Exactly! So nothing! Below are the High Rollers Casino Internet, No Bonus Casino! Click the banner and make your account!


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Polder Casino is willing to accept High Rollers. But this mainly on table games like online roulette and online blackjack where you no less than € 5000, – per round can bet, with 2000 euros per color, and 100 on each number. Online Blackjack, you can bet 500 per hand. Also good for a high roller. If you still want to bet more than we do recommend the No Bonus Casino to above. We wish you much playing fun. PS: Click on the banner below to register with Polder Casino and enjoy a nice welcome bonus

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